The Commemorative Air Force honors the men and women who built, maintained, and flew in these airplanes   during World War II. The organization believes that is best accomplished by maintaining the airplanes in flying condition; taking the airplanes to the people allowing them to experience the sight and sound of the aircraft in flight.

Collecting, restoring and flying vintage historical aircraft for more than half a century, the Commemorative Air   Force ranks as one of the       largest private air forces in the world. The CAF is dedicated to Honoring American Military Aviation through flight, exhibition and                     remembrance. A non-profit educational association, the CAF has more than 13,000 members and a fleet of 165 airplanes distributed                 throughout the country to 76 CAF units for care and operation. For more information, visit

As a unit of the Commemorative Air Force (CAF), we are dedicated to preserving and honoring our military history with the rallying cry to “Keep ‘Em Flying!”  

The Houston Wing is based at West Houston Airport, in Houston, Texas, USA. The Wing has six CAF aircraft assigned:hw logo web

      • Lockheed C-60A “Lodestar”
      • North American AT-6 “Texan”
      • Consolidated-Vultee BT-13 “Valiant”
      • Naval Aircraft Factory N3N “Yellow Peril”
      • Fairchild PT-19A “Cornell”
      • and a major restoration project, a North American L‑17 Navion

Meetings are usually the third Sunday of each month at 2 PM (but check the calendar for the exact schedule, as this will sometimes vary).  

Our museum is staffed on the first and third Saturday of each month from 10 AM until 3 PM.  However, we can generally arrange to have the museum open for groups or other visitors at other times with some advance notice.

Most work on the aircraft and the hangar is performed on Saturdays, and on Wednesday evenings.  Visitors are welcome during the work sessions (especially visitors who don’t mind getting their hands dirty!).