whs logo comm final white bghw logo webThe Houston Wing began as the West Houston Squadron, a Squadron of the West Texas Wing, in June 1978.  Starting from three members and operating only member-owned aircraft, it has now grown to over 100 members and six assigned CAF warbirds.  In 2012, the West Houston Squadron petitioned CAF Headquarters and the West Texas Wing for realignment as a direct-reporting unit (a Wing) rather than a Squadron of the West Texas Wing.  Upon acceptance of this request, the West Houston Squadron became the Houston Wing.

By 1982, the Squadron had grown to about 35 members and had been assigned its first CAF aircraft, the N3N.  This was a true project, with the airframe coming from two separate aircraft and arriving by truck.  It would be eight years before its first flight.

Later in 1982, the Squadron was assigned its first flying aircraft, the DC-3 “Dragon Lady”.  This was a BIG airplane for a still-small Squadron, and after several years of struggle it was reluctantly returned to CAF headquarters, with the Squadron focusing on smaller aircraft (for the time being).  Over the next few years, the AT-6, the BT-13 (another project aircraft), and a Stinson 108 (now with the Gulf Coast Wing) would be brought into the Squadron.  In more recent times, the C-60, PT-19 and Navion would be purchased by the Squadron and donated to the CAF, which then assigned them to the Squadron for operation and care.

In 1985, the West Houston Squadron and the Gulf Coast Wing combined forces to hold the inaugural Wings Over Houston Airshow at Ellington Field (now Ellington Airport).  Held every year since, and now jointly presented by the Houston Wing, the Gulf Coast Wing, and the Tora Tora Tora Sponsor Group, it now one of the largest airshows in the country, and attracts fans from all over the world.