“I shall pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”       Mahatma Gandhi





















Frank V HeadshotCol. Frank J. Vargas, Jr., Executive Officer

     I am a registered Architect and practiced architecture for over thirty years before retiring three years ago.  I am a private pilot with about 320 hrs.; I  fly Grumman Cheetahs out of Ellington Field and Cessnas 172 out of Sugarland . 
I’ve been always interested in WWII history; WWII aviation in particular. I don’t exactly remember where I learnt about the West Houston Squadron but I remember calling and talking to Steve Senhert about paying for a flight on the AT-6 – It was the aircraft my dad had trained in the 1930’s in the Argentine Air Force.  It was John Cotter who took me on that flight and after that I was hooked.  I became a member and started coming to the hangar every week end.
     Three years ago I was elected Executive Officer – I am now on my second term.  I assist the Wing Leader on special projects and cover for him at Wing and Staff meetings when he cannot attend.  I am a member of the Museum crew and last year I got patched as a CAF Marhsaller.  I regularly marhsall at WHO, Open House, and other CAF Airshows throughout Texas.  I also like to do small carpentry projects so I used that excuse to build the aircraft and engine signs and other small carpentry projects around the museum and hangar.



Tammi LockwoodCol. Tammi Lockwood, Finance Officer/Membership Officer

 I am a Paralegal and Legal Administrator by trade.  I am also an Air Force brat so my love of flying came young.  I started volunteering for the CAF at Wings Over Houston working making dogtags for the public. 

I was convinced to join the Wing several years ago and the rest is history.  In 2013, the Finance Officer then had a work transfer to Georgia and I was drafted/talked into taking over the position.  To say it history from there is an understatement. 

 I am now on my second term as Finance Office and also take care of membership as well as help with PX and manage the Dogtag PX for the airshows we attend.  Being a part of this organization is hectic and fun at the same time.  The members have become a part of my family. When not assisting with new projects and events, I am an avid quilter and bowl on a weekly league.  

Staff Directory
Wing Leader Col Stan Turner wingleader@houstonwing.org
Executive Officer Col Frank Vargas exec@houstonwing.org
Adjutant Col Craig Pridgeon adjutant@houstonwing.org
Cadet Program Officer Col Jim Placette cadets@houstonwing.org
Finance Officer Col Tammi Lockwood finance@houstonwing.org
Maintenance Officer Col Jim Placette maintenance@houstonwing.org
Museum and Collections Officer Col Sam Hoynes museum@houstonwing.org
Marketing Officer Col Sam Bulgar marketing@houstonwing.org
Operations Officer Col Nathan Harnagel ops@houstonwing.org
Personnel Officer Col Tammi Lockwood membership@houstonwing.org
Public Information Officer editor@houstonwing.org
PX Officer Col Susan Vaculik px@houstonwing.org
Safety Officer Col Michael Kannapel safety@houstonwing.org
Rides Officer Col Robert Plunket rides@houstonwing.org

  Col. Craig Pridgeon, Adjutant Officer

I’m retired from engineering where I spent 47 years in electrical design and drafting, primarily in industrial facilities such as refineries, chemical plants, gas processing plants, and offshore platforms. I hold a Private Pilot License with about 400 hours in the logbook, but unfortunately several years ago I lost my Medical Certificate.

I spent 6 years as a member of the Texas Air National Guard’s 147th Fighter Group at Ellington AFB, from December ’66 thru December ’72. I attended Recip Engine School at Shepherd AFB where I trained on radial engine maintenance, and I later cross-trained into aircraft maintenance and helped maintain the Unit’s C-54 Skymaster.

My interest and passion for airplanes goes back as far as I can remember. My Dad was a P-47 pilot, and later flew as a corporate pilot. So maybe that’s where it all got started. As I grew, I became more fascinated with machines and what made them work, airplanes in particular.

I’ve spent many hours at air shows to stay around radials and their airplanes, so once I retired and had the time to give, I decided it was time to get involved with the CAF to see if I could contribute a little to help “Keep ‘em Flying”, as well as to keep myself connected to what I once was a part of.