Take a look into the repairs on the C-60 with Jim,

As most of you probably know I am deep into the Lockheed interior replacement. From the idea to go this direction as of the summer, acquiring the proper drawings as of August, and finding what was needed in thousands of feet of microfilm, to having that made back into physical drawing was the first amazing feat. Having done all that, a plan was now available.

Next task was accessing what materials and how much would be needed to make the parts. Next buying the raw materials came in. A large quantity of steel pipe had to be purchased, all new aircraft grade plywood had to be gotten for the bench tops along with several sheets of flat steel and aluminum to make parts. Next had to be tools to shape the parts. A cut off saw was purchased to cut the pipes. A welding machine needed to be bought to weld the pipes and welder had to be found to do the job. After cutting all the pipes, they had to be ground to fit for welding and drilled for other reasons.

The benches are still going to need plenty of work and will not be ready for Wings Over Houston. The C-60 will attend but without any interior. Work on the benches will continue thru 13 Oct, then resume after 25 Oct. As that is being done our resident sheet metal master, Suzie, is working on patching several holes in the under structure of the seating area. It is unclear why the holes are there, but she is patching them as they look to be abnormal. She is also sanding and painting the seat tops. Also the C-60 will have new brake piston return springs and hopefully that will correct left brake locking problem. The engineer’s compartment has been redesigned and will be be back in in time for WOH allowing for three seats in the C-60.

I will need help cleaning her for the show, and I know I can count on you all to help…..And I would like you to meet the welder, he is Osciel Torres and has a interest in becoming a pilot. Nice guy to have around.

Come on by and check her out and join the fun, we always need an extra pair of hands!

Updates on the C-60 progress

Sadly, the right propeller on the C-60 refused to function normally, and she was grounded again. Work on that problem continues, but the brake springs have been replaced, and the brakes resealed and bled.

The C-60 seat frame parts are being made currently and welding will start again this December. Thanks to Chris Marz for taking care of the water jet cutting of the parts. Completion of the C-60 is looking like late in January. The right propeller is still requiring some attention.