Since Houston Wing is totaly non profit we have to raise money to fund these aircraft or look to our supporters for donations.  

Members, Friends, Sponsors, this page is dedicated to the many projects we have on an on-going basis for major maintenance like engine changes or paint jobs, plane restorations. 


at6 cl 00013


bt13 cl 00025


c60 cl 00013


pt19 flight


L 39 1

L-39 cockpit donated by Ed Noel, needs major restorations in order to be a photo-op attraction at our events. 

We need to start stripping old paint and prepping it.  Many have expressed interest in getting involved with the cockpit and now you can !

Thru networking we are actively searching high and low for switches, panels and gauges to complete just the front cockpit.   The rear cockpit, for now, will be cleaned up and covers put in place to hide where the instruments were.   The seat will be usable and made to look like a radar intercept officer position.  

To make all of this happen besides the volunteers to we need donations and/or sponsors to make this happen!